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With 30 years clinical experience Dr David Baker continues to provide a highly skilled and professional cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT] service for the broadest range of psychological difficulties.


Qualifications are only an indication of one’s professionalism.  What is equally, if not more important, is that these skills can be used in a compassionate way with whoever the person self-referring is.


As a therapist David refers to those who seek his help as therapees.  “I have an aversion to using the term patients – which is for sick people, or clients, who are those seeking the service of a solicitor or an accountant. Therapees are those who like all of us become troubled, from time to time, by the problems of modern living.” This reflects the ideas of his mentor Dr Albert Ellis who wrote that of the 6 billion people in the world perhaps 5% suffer with some form of psychosis and need multi- discipline care.  The rest of the 95%, he declared, are just nice neurotics!


Whether you are suffering with one of the more common forms of difficulty like depression, anxiety, OCD or trauma, more complex problems, relationship disharmony, or have just got stuck in your life. David is able to offer a cost effective and efficient intervention to help you regain your well-being.


Whilst working as an independent therapist David has provided a comprehensive therapy service for Powys Health Authority, been an external consultant for a large provincial police force, and offered guidance and therapy for a number of organizations including those supporting general practitioners.


As a trainer for future generations of clinicians, researcher and author, David is also pleased to undertake medical-legal reporting as an expert witness, and clinical supervision for other accredited therapists.


Having recently moved to the beautiful village of Oxborough in Norfolk David is able to offer tranquil, confidential consulting facilities within easy driving distance of most major towns and cities in Norfolk, and he is only 45 minutes drive from Cambridge.


If travel is a problem, therapy and supervision can be offered ‘on-line’ or by telephone with additional email support, at no extra cost.


“Why not ‘phone me for a chat without obligation?”  

01366 328616


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Dr. David Baker PhD, MSc(Lond),BA(Hons),DMS,PG. Clin. Supervision,C.Psychol,MAREBT.

Accredited BABCP CBT Therapist. Senior Accredited Therapist AREBT. Chartered Psychologist BPS.

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